4th - 8th November 2019 | HICC Hyderabad, India

Poster Guidelines

ISB 2019 Poster Presentation Guidelines

By following the instructions and guidelines below, your poster presentation will go smoothly. Please read all information carefully before coming to the meeting.

Poster Size and Layout Each author will get one side of two-sided poster board of 3Ft. (Width) X 4Ft (Height) (Which is 36 Inches width and 48 Inches Height) and each will have a useable area measuring (33 Inches Width) X (45” Inches Height). This is a portrait/vertical format. Poster materials may not extend outside the assigned half-board.

Posters are eligible for the SABO award click the link for SABO award page

Attendees may take photos of posters if the poster author are permitted.

Poster Presentation Rules and Guidelines
  • When preparing your poster, please check the poster size guidelines before printing (See above).
  • You must register and wear an 31st ISB 2019 badge to gain admittance at any time to the poster areas.
  • All poster boards will be pre-numbered. Please be certain to mount your poster on the correct board.
  • Do not leave personal materials or belongings under poster boards or in the poster area. ISB 2019 is not responsible for any articles left in the poster area or elsewhere.
Poster Mounting, Presentation, and Removal Schedule
Authors must put up and take down their posters according to the shared schedule. Authors must be present at their boards for the duration of their scheduled presentation time.

Floor plans and poster attendants will be available on the website. For more details and assistance contact us vikram.pola@mci-group.com

Designing Effective Posters
Effective poster design requires careful thought and advance preparation. The following suggestions may help in preparing effective posters.
  • Identify 2-3 principal messages you must convey. Choose a title that captures your main point.
  • Prepare a heading at the top of your poster indicating the abstract title, authors, and affiliations.
  • Summarize current research in graphic form whenever possible; use charts, tables, graphs, pictures, etc. and minimize the amount of text.
  • Arrange materials in columns and use 'white space' to help direct readers logically through your poster.
  • Prepare your poster on laminated poster paper, allowing for space to mount it on the poster board with dual side adhesive tape.
  • Posters should be self-explanatory but not comprehensive. You will supplement and elaborate during your conversations with other attendees.
Tips for Illustrations
  • Your presentation must be readable from distances of at least 3' (90 cm). Keep visuals simple and clear.
  • Provide information in smaller type below the heading.
  • Simple use of colour can add emphasis.
  • Do not write or paint directly on the poster boards.