International Ballistic Symposium

An International Symposium on Ballistics is planned to be organised in Hyderabad, India from 01 Nov 2019 to 08 Nov 2019. The symposium is jointly organised by the International Ballistics Society (IBS) hqr in USA and The Aeronautical Society of India, Hyderabad Branch.

The International Ballistics Society (IBS) is a prestigious society. The members of the society continuously works on the advancement of ballistics in the world(The details of International Ballistics Society (IBS) is available at
The symposium will be attended by participants from about 40 countries (Approx). The list of participant countries from earlier symposium held in USA and Europe is enclosed. It is estimated that 250 to 300 international delegates will participate in this symposium to be held from 1st Nov 2019 to 8th Nov 2019.

This is an event being held once in 18 months and it will be held for the first time in India. The participants are Scientists, Research Scholars, academicians and technical experts in the field of Ballistics. The papers presented in the International Symposium on Ballistics (IBS) have wide recognition and have good impact factor.